Our Commitments

Environmentally Sound

Until now, mobile vendors' only options for power were polluting and expensive. The common use of gasoline and diesel generators wastes fuel, contributes to climate change, and spews asthma causing pollution. Solving that problem is the reason MOVE was founded. Its first product to market, a charging station designed for food trucks and carts,reduces smog causing pollution by over 95%. For times when vendors are not near a charging station, MOVE’s hybrid generator offers most of the benefits of a station, but with full portability. Independent analysis shows that using a hybrid generator removes the pollution equivalent of over 200 cars off the road. Whether through a charging station or a hybrid generator, vendors not only benefit from cleaner air for them and their customers, they also get energy that is cheaper and more reliable. It’s a change that’s better for everyone.

Returning to America

By utilizing the resources of America's auto industry, MOVE Systems is tapping into over 115 years of experience in world class manufacturing. We are partnering with the highest quality manufacturers in America to ensure the highest level of care and craftsmanship for every component of our products. At MOVE, we believe that being a part of the production process is an important part of guaranteeing the safe operation of our vehicles. Bringing our production to America ensures that our design process doesn’t end on paper by allowing us to oversee the selection of every component on our new MRV. We are proud to be creating products in America for Americans, thereby continuing the traditions that built this country into the world leader in entrepreneurship.

Supporting Our Vets 

MOVE Systems is proud to be partnering with veterans to give them the opportunity to operate their own businesses. Our Food Cart Pilot Program is committed to providing the majority of our initial deployment of carts to veterans of the American armed services. By aiding veterans in their transition from combat to civilian life, MOVE hopes to inspire other companies to step forward and provide opportunities for those who have served. As part of our partnership with First Data and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, MOVE Systems will offer opportunities for veterans to learn the necessary skills to become an independent business owner. By reaching out to various organizations such as The Veterans Center in Harlem, American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars, MOVE hopes to create a positive impact in the lives of as many veterans as possible.