An FDNY pedestal from Simply Grid


Eliminate the pollution and hazards created by idling engines

rendering of the Simply Grid Pedestal

NYC Design

Winner of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Awards for Excellence in Design

    Clean and Quiet
    Replaces dirty, noisy generators and engines with a silent, eco-friendly alternative
    Award Winning Design
    Integrates seamlessly into modern cityscapes, public spaces and parks
    Provides access to existing power grid
    Easy to Use
    Pedestals are accessed through our custom Simply Grid mobile app
An ambulance next to a Simply Grid pedestal

Emergency Vehicle Anti-Idling

Simply Grid Electricity Pedestals enable forward deployed ambulances, fire trucks and other support units to:

    Power communications systems
    Refrigerate medicines

Each idling ambulance engine produces nearly 45 tons of CO2 annually! Along with other airborne pollutants, these carbon emissions contribute to global warming and are detrimental to community health.  

Eliminate Fleet Idling

A Nathan's Famous food in NYC

Food Trucks & Carts

Attract more local mobile food businesses and improve your urban environment

Compared to using a generator, Simply Grid can significantly reduce pollution created by mobile food vehicles, lower operator costs, and improve quality of life.

Eliminate Generators