Tamales Mary gets food cart from Walker company

Wyoming, MI restaurant Tamales Mary, New York-based Move Systems and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. debuted the food truck on July 11.

Partners launch eco-friendly food truck pilot

A local Mexican restaurant is opening an eco-friendly “mobile food café” with a little help this week.

School Spirit Challenge: Kenowa Hills Middle School and Knights STEM Academy

It's a real-life school to business partnership for Kenowa Hills 7-10th grade students. It's housed under the same roof at MOVE Systems which makes environmentally friendly food carts with the help of DeWys manufacturing.

Meet 3 Clever Start Ups Discovered at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Here are my top picks for new companies that are making their mark on the global stage. They are solving real problems, applying technology and adding value in new and interesting ways.

Gov. Snyder calls food cart maker 'true Michigan success story'

While Gov. Rick Snyder can't attend every ribbon-cutting invitation he gets, he made sure he showed up at Move Systems International's ceremony this week.

Michigan native and Army veteran to invest $13 million in Grand Rapids-area plant

Meeks says the company is adding 27 jobs to the west Michigan plant, but their goal is to add many more.

Food cart manu­facturer expands West Michigan plant

MOVE Systems to invest $13.3 million to add more machinery and equipment.

Career Coach: Job openings at Move Systems

Move Systems is hiring at its Walker, MI facility.

Walker firm building a better food cart for New York City streets

Move Systems officials say they have developed a portable food truck that is both eco-friendly and a better platform from which to prepare and sell all kinds of food.

How food trucks took over city streets

Move Systems, a US-based company that aims to 'bring the mobile food industry into the 21st Century,' makes food carts that are electric and come with modular kitchens, forgoing petrol-fuelled generators for solar panels.

Coming Soon To NYC: Street Furniture That Helps Fight Pollution And Save Lives

Designed for FDNY emergency vehicles, these steel pedestals combat noise and emissions from idling engines.

The Best New Public Design Projects In NYC, According To The City

Designed by MOVE Systems, the pedestals are engineered so FDNY ambulances can plug in and receive power for their essential systems (like refrigeration for medicine and communication).

How New York City can win the food cart war

A Queens company, MOVE Systems, has natural-gas and battery-powered carts that each take the equivalent of 186 cars off the streets when compared with an old-fashioned cart.

Food Carts Get a High-End Reboot

MRV100 trailer has a computerized hybrid energy system, and can be leased for $1 a month. Joe Urbina’s street-cart menu is similar to those offered by competitors around the city: egg sandwiches, hamburgers, coffee, muffins the size of a baby’s head. But he has one big advantage—the Cadillac of food carts.

Big landlord backs eco-friendly food-cart startup

New York real estate firm Fisher Brothers has put its money where its mouth is with an investment in Move Systems, a Long Island City-based startup that builds mobile kitchens. In a sign that landlords and food cart operators really can coexist, Manhattan real estate firm Fisher Brothers has joined an investment round for food-cart startup Move Systems. In addition, Partner Winston Fisher has joined the startup's board.

Food Trucks Go Green

Everything about Hugo Uys hot dogs are unique, right down to the dressings... what else makes them different? They are made with solar power, all part of an initiative by MOVE Systems to get food carts to go green.

New York Aims for Eco-Friendly Street Food.

In the coming months, a new fleet of food carts is expected to hit the streets: hundreds of sleek mobile kitchens equipped with refrigerators and sinks and powered by solar panels, alternative fuel and rechargeable batteries.

NY food carts go green – and it's not the hot dogs

New York's 8,000 food carts and trucks could soon be doing their bit to stop global warming as well as halt your hunger pangs.The sight of mobile food stands selling hot dogs, tacos and burgers on street corners is synonymous with the city but they can be an environmental burden, with many using generators powered by fossil fuels, creating noise and fumes.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Energy

For taking the electricity grid outdoors. Hot trucks and food carts need power too—and grid power is better (and cleaner) than the dirty, noisy gas generators that vendors tend to rely upon. Enter Simply Grid, which builds plug-in power pedestals and makes them available to food vendors at sidewalk locations.

How This Iraq War Veteran Took His Battlefield Experience to the Food Business

9/11 set Jim on a course he never dreamed of but suddenly felt compelled to do--join the Army and serve in Iraq... After his final tour, Jim got married, had a baby and was about to get on the battlefield again--only this time, the stakes were remarkably different. Could he meld his Ivy League education with his Iraqi War experience and start a successful company?

500 street vendors will get free eco-friendly carts equipped with solar panels, natural gas and card payment systems

Street meat is going green — in a good way. Five hundred street vendors slinging everything from hot dogs to halal food will get new, eco-friendly carts free of charge in a deal announced Monday by MOVE Systems and the City Council.

Food Trucks In NYC To Ditch Diesel, Go Solar In Attempt To Clean Up City's Air Pollution

For 12 hours a day, Muhammad Islam serves up spicy South Asian cuisine from a metal food cart near New York City’s Wall Street. A diesel-powered generator powers the lights and refrigerator, while a tank of propane keeps the grill warm.

Is This the Mobile Food Cart of the Future?

The humble food cart is a fixture on the streets of New York, and in recent years the offerings available have gone a long way beyond pretzels and the classic “dirty water” hot dogs. Now you can find food carts serving dosas, and arepas, and Bangladeshi-style marinated lamb over rice.

Eco-friendly food carts to hit NYC sidewalks

Food vendors who work over charcoal grills and gasoline generators could breathe easier if they are lucky enough to score one of 500 free eco-friendly carts under a pilot program. Sleek food carts that use solar power, a rechargeable battery and lower-emission natural gas will be offered to vendors in the mobile food business who want to ditch the smoky, propane-gas fueled street meat carts.

New York’s eco-friendly food carts: The next generation of street vending?

In a pilot program, some 500 eco-friendly food carts will be provided to New York City street vendors. The initiative reflects how restaurants and food companies are responding to consumer demand for sustainable, higher quality options.

Council Members Cheer Launch-Eco Friendly Street Carts

With the support of City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Environmental Protection Committee chair Donovan Richards, a new fleet of low-emissions, high-tech food carts will soon be rolling through the streets of New York City—the 21st century version of the city's ubiquitous food vendors.

Eco-friendly hot dog carts to roll into NYC

That hot dog cart on the street corner wastes a lot of energy. That’s the motivation behind a city pilot program to give about 500 eco-friendly carts to vendors. Distributed by MOVE Systems, the Wall Street Journal reported the 10-by-8-by-5-foot-long carts can accommodate various types of cooking and foods, and will feature solar panel-powered equipment, with rechargeable batteries.

Fleet Of 500 Eco-Friendly Food Carts Coming To NYC

The vehicles dispensing dirty water dogs and charred street meat are getting an eco-friendly makeover thanks to a fleet of 500 new food carts set to debut in the coming months. This morning, the City Council announced a partnership with MOVE Systems, which will supply the new carts gratis to vendors throughout the city.

A high-tech answer for ambulances that pollute your neighborhood

The Queens-based tech company that unveiled solar-powered food carts Monday has another project in the works that could eliminate exhaust from idling Fire Department ambulances. Ambulances must keep running when waiting for calls in order to keep medicine refrigerated and other equipment powered up.