The Dasani Cart vending at Central Park in NYC


MOVE System’s platform, the MVR101, is a high-tech, portable cart that uses a combination of solar energy and purpose-built rechargeable battery-power that allows the cart to roam free or plug in to a city’s existing power grid. The mobile cart features a scalable proprietary infrastructure including mobile, point-of-sale systems and cloud-enabled remote fleet management. With a dedicated focus on promoting sustainability, MOVE carts are estimated to produce 60 percent less greenhouse gas and 95 percent less smog-causing pollutants than traditional food carts/trucks.

    Environmentally Friendy
    Reduce carbon emissions while saving money on energy costs
    Modern Convenience
    Professional food preparation equipment with a modular kitchen for customers needs, a hybrid energy system, and on-board GPS for fleet management
    Business Ready
    With our partner First Data, carts are equipped with Clover Point-of-Sale systems for fast transactions and digital sales data