The future of food carts is corporate

The corporations get new locations hawking their products. The vendors get to ride on a big brand’s name recognition, advertising and bulk products. And Move Systems offers the vendors a lease agreement for a spiffy new cart.

School Spirit Challenge: Kenowa Hills Middle School and Knights STEM Academy

It's a real-life school to business partnership for Kenowa Hills 7-10th grade students. It's housed under the same roof at MOVE Systems which makes environmentally friendly food carts with the help of DeWys manufacturing.

Meet 3 Clever Start Ups Discovered at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Here are my top picks for new companies that are making their mark on the global stage. They are solving real problems, applying technology and adding value in new and interesting ways.

Gov. Snyder calls food cart maker 'true Michigan success story'

While Gov. Rick Snyder can't attend every ribbon-cutting invitation he gets, he made sure he showed up at Move Systems International's ceremony this week.

Walker firm building a better food cart for New York City streets

Move Systems officials say they have developed a portable food truck that is both eco-friendly and a better platform from which to prepare and sell all kinds of food.

How food trucks took over city streets

Move Systems, a US-based company that aims to 'bring the mobile food industry into the 21st Century,' makes food carts that are electric and come with modular kitchens, forgoing petrol-fuelled generators for solar panels.

The Best New Public Design Projects In NYC, According To The City

Designed by MOVE Systems, the pedestals are engineered so FDNY ambulances can plug in and receive power for their essential systems (like refrigeration for medicine and communication).

How New York City can win the food cart war

A Queens company, MOVE Systems, has natural-gas and battery-powered carts that each take the equivalent of 186 cars off the streets when compared with an old-fashioned cart.

Food Carts Get a High-End Reboot

MRV100 trailer has a computerized hybrid energy system, and can be leased for $1 a month. Joe Urbina’s street-cart menu is similar to those offered by competitors around the city: egg sandwiches, hamburgers, coffee, muffins the size of a baby’s head. But he has one big advantage—the Cadillac of food carts.

Food Trucks Go Green

Everything about Hugo Uys hot dogs are unique, right down to the dressings... what else makes them different? They are made with solar power, all part of an initiative by MOVE Systems to get food carts to go green.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Energy

For taking the electricity grid outdoors. Hot trucks and food carts need power too—and grid power is better (and cleaner) than the dirty, noisy gas generators that vendors tend to rely upon. Enter Simply Grid, which builds plug-in power pedestals and makes them available to food vendors at sidewalk locations.

How This Iraq War Veteran Took His Battlefield Experience to the Food Business

9/11 set Jim on a course he never dreamed of but suddenly felt compelled to do--join the Army and serve in Iraq... After his final tour, Jim got married, had a baby and was about to get on the battlefield again--only this time, the stakes were remarkably different. Could he meld his Ivy League education with his Iraqi War experience and start a successful company?