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The Future of Mobile Food Carts

The current standard in the food cart industry is a cramped, antiquated metal box with limited capabilities, unhealthy working conditions, and a dirty energy system. Our revolutionary, 21st century vehicle includes cutting-edge green technology, a modular kitchen with refrigeration, and category leading safety features.

Simply Grid:
Electricity Pedestals

  • Pedestal render showing size relationship to ambulance
  • Render showing views of pedestal
  • Render of pedestal, FDNY labeling
  • Pedestal render, countdown clock

Most mobile food vendors use a dirty, noisy generator to power their onboard electricity needs. This legacy source of energy is both expensive for the vendors as well as a pollution and noise nuisance to the general public. Additionally, many idling vehicles, such as ambulances, needlessly burn fuel and pollute our environment. Simply Grid's curbside electrification enables the provisioning of electricity to mobile food vendors and idling vehicles in order to meet their energy needs. This results in a significant cost savings while providing a better environment for everyone.

Hybrid Power System:
Mobile On Board Energy

MOVE’s new vehicle meets the environmental and safety needs of an industry that has evolved to require full-fledged portable kitchens. Until now however, better and healthier food required compromising air quality and safety. Our fuel system is designed for heavy-duty vehicle standards and commercial use. We have adapted hybrid car technology to replace generators that are often as loud as chainsaws. Our solar, natural gas, and battery powered electrical system, engineered specifically for mobile food vending, reduces generator noise by half and decreases climate change emissions by two-thirds. This hybrid system is not only cleaner and quieter, it is also more powerful and reliable.